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from/to Rome Cruise Terminal in Civitavecchia Port

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If you travel with us, as soon as you get off your ship, you will find our driver at the quay. From that moment you can relax and enjoy the journey. Seated in absolute comfort, you can admire the view and, if you wish, chat with the driver.

Your destination is Rome?
We will bring You to the hotel
They will probably get you off the ship long before you can check in at the hotel, if you prefer not to leave your luggage in the hotel lobby and wander around tired and disoriented until check-in time, we have thought about how to solve this problem too: a welcome tour, just to waste time pleasantly.

And why not do the same when it’s time to go home, if your plane leaves only in the afternoon, taking the opportunity to dedicate a few more hours to the tour of Rome?

Private Sightseeing Tour through Rome in English

Discover Rome with our private tour in English, get to know the exciting stories about Rome.

You will have a wonderful overview of the city. We will show you the most beautiful and hidden places in Rome as well as the main attractions. You can also ask us to take you to eat a typical product of Roman cuisine right where the Romans go to eat.

Why book a private sightseeing tour?
The private city tour is a very special experience. Already when you are picked up we will start with a short discussion that there is something special about what you want to see and if it is possible we will go there.
The tour suggestions are not binding: We are happy to plan the route according to your wishes.

Rome city

Reach your accomodation in Rome from Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal

Train Station

If you have a Train to take, We can bring you quickly to the Railway station


Airport Transfers from/to Rome Cruise Terminal in Civitavecchia

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